The Medical Student Forum on

Female Sexual Medicine


Register for our upcoming event on Female Genital mutilation featuring Dr Julia Geynisman-Tan, Medical Director of ERASE Trafficking Clinic

Why aren't more people talking about
Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)?

Medical students and physicians often report being underprepared to address the sexual health needs of their patients - especially with regards to FSD. FSD is rarely broached in the doctor's office, and stigma often prevents discussion between patients and their providers. When FSD is discussed, patients often have their conditions misdiagnosed as psychological or are told their symptoms are normal. This may impact sense of self and patients may avoid seeking medical care. 

Here at The Forum, students and physicians are bringing awareness to the importance of educating medical students about sexual medicine.

Learn more about our upcoming Symposium on Female Sexual Medicine, with an intersectional focus

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